Wisdom Tooth Removal

Removal of wisdom teeth could be done while you are sedated and being carefully monitored. This is done to make you comfortable while the operation is being performed for this may be very painful.

Reasons for Wisdom Tooth Removal

There are two main reasons why the wisdom teeth are removed. One reason is that the wisdom teeth have been impacted and the other reason is that the wisdom teeth potentially could be a problem if not removed. Wisdom teeth that have fully erupted can be removed like any other tooth in the mouth however the procedure for impacted wisdom teeth is different and more complicated.

Before removing the wisdom teeth, local anesthetic is injected to the gum tissues to numb the affected area. Additional x-ray may be required before the procedure. When the affected area is numb enough to start the procedure, an incision is made in the gums to uncover the area of the wisdom teeth to make easy access and to make the teeth visible. If in any case the wisdom teeth are covered by bone, the overlaying bone is removed to expose the crown of the tooth. Once the tooth is visible and ready to be removed, it is then extracted as a whole or under certain circumstances; it may be necessary to be removed in pieces. This is generally done for severely impacted wisdom teeth. After the procedure, the area is stitched closed and allowed to heal. The recovery may last for a few days. Painkillers are recommended to reduce pain during the period of recovery to avoid uneasiness.

The removal of the wisdom teeth reduces the chance of having oral problems that can be caused by impaction. It may prevent the occurrence of infections, tooth and gum decay and even cyst that can cause severe pain and jaw stiffness.

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