Wisdom Tooth Problems

Wisdom tooth problems may be caused by the size of your jaw and/or by how crowded your teeth are. Common warning symptoms that there is an un-natural problem in the development of your wisdom teeth could be pain and swelling.

Wisdom Tooth Problem Symptoms

Often times, when your wisdom tooth have broken through your gums or have impacted there can be no symptoms but if in some cases wherein pain and swelling occurs because of un-natural problems concerning your wisdom tooth it can or should be removed.

These symptoms can be caused by an infection and swelling in the tissues of the gums that are formed above the impacted tooth which have just partly broken through. Another symptom is a crowded tooth displacing neighboring teeth and also poorly positioned wisdom tooth cause irritation and pain for this tooth that is awkwardly situated in your gum tends to rub against the top or the bottom of your mouth, your tongue and even your cheek depending how your wisdom tooth is positioned. Another symptom is a decayed wisdom tooth wherein you cannot properly clean it because of the crowding of your teeth and sometimes your toothbrush cannot reach it. A cyst that destroys bone probably is the worst indication that you need to get your wisdom tooth to be removed.

The most commonly advised solution for having a wisdom tooth problem is its removal. Wisdom tooth that causes no problem is not to be removed according to experts although early removal of these teeth may prevent you from having problems involving your wisdom teeth.

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