Types of Crowns

crown_typesThere are different types of options you can choose in fixing your teeth problems. This can include a series of procedure to get the perfect teeth that you want. One of the procedures that can be used and advised by dentist is through having a crown procedure. With Dr. Cocolis, your Springfield crown dentist will explain your crown options and answer your questions.

There are three basic types of dental crowns:

1) Porcelain outer surface with a metal base crown – This type of crown can match the color of your adjacent teeth. It contains a much stronger base compared to others that can easily break. The metal base can be visible in a dark line but this type of crown can be a good choice when it comes to stability.

2) Pure porcelain or composite crown – This contains a natural color which you can choose from. It can easily match your teeth and these are more suitable to people who has allergies in metal. This type of crown is good for the front teeth.

3) All metal crowns, which is usually gold – This type of crown contains a much stronger resistance when chewing and biting. In all crowns this can last the longest if properly taken cared. This can be a good choice to be attached in the molars which are out of sight.

4) Same day crowns – Dr. Cocolis provides his patients the convenience of receiving same day crowns in order to restore damaged teeth. This single visit is intended for patients who are simply too busy to have two dental visits and can therefore receive created custom crowns in a single office visit.

They all differ in durability, strength, appearance and cost. Having this crown for your teeth can help in protecting your weak teeth. It can restore and cover tooth that are damaged. Dental crown procedure can be a great choice for teeth damages.

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