Precision Partials

Precision partial dentures are retained in the mouth by interlocking components. A specially shaped extension of the partial fits snugly into or onto a receiving area or projection of a natural tooth that has been crowned. This makes for anti-slip dentures that won’t move or come out when you speak or chew. This will also help you to become more confident while you are talking with other people.

Precision Partial Dentures Springfield VA

Precision partials are held in place by extensions that are specifically to lock into your natural tooth area, which has been crowned. This will ensure you that your denture will stay in place even when you are eating. These are primarily designed to provide comfort to everyone using it.

Some people are not really comfortable while using their denture because they are afraid that it will slip out their mouth. With precision partials, you can have the confidence to talk with other people without worrying about your denture. This also offers a great flexibility that adapts to the movement of your mouth. It offers a very secure fit. Unlike those traditional partials, these are virtually invisible due to the fact that there are no metal clasps. Furthermore, its materials are blending with the surrounding oral tissue.

In addition, unlike those traditional partials that can provide stress on your neighboring teeth over some time, precision partial are gently rotating on their place of attachments while you are talking or chewing which results to less stress on your remaining teeth. Its precise fit is also healthier for your teeth and gums and your chewing capability is improved.

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