Periodontal Bone Regeneration

Periodontal Bone RegenerationWhen a tooth is lost both bone and gum tissue competes for the defect space. The gum tissue generates quicker than bone, thus assuming the space. With a membrane placement we can keep the gum tissue from the space, while the bone regenerates.

Bone Regeneration Springfield VA

Bone regeneration is often used to rebuild the supporting structures around the teeth, which have been destroyed by periodontal disease. Bone surgery may be used to rebuild or reshape bone. Grafts of the patient’s bone or artificial bone may be used, as well as special membranes.

It refers to the restoration of the tissues that supports the teeth like cementum, bone and periodontal ligament in their original levels before periodontal bacteria occur and damage teeth. The principle of periodontal bone regeneration is based on the cellular activity natural sequence in various living tissues.

Bacteria in the mouth deeply penetrate below gum lines and start destroying all the supporting tissue in your teeth, which is the bone. Periodontal pockets occur if destruction of the bone comes. With the help of periodontal bone regeneration, some of the damage bone reverses by regenerating other tissues and bone.

During this method, your gums are folded back and massive and deep cleaning will be performed to remove disease causing bacteria. Protection and isolation of the clean bone area from the overlying periodontal tissue will encourage your body’s ability in forming a new bone. Regenerating bone as well as other supporting tissues and eliminating bacteria help reducing pocket depth together with repair damages caused by the disease.

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