Class II – A malocclusion where the upper teeth stick out past the lower teeth commonly referred to as an “overbite”, “over jet”, “deepbite” or “buck teeth”. Overbites frequently cause a lot of problems. It affects not just your appearance, but also how efficient your teeth are at performing their job. Many people want to have perfect looking teeth not just to look great, but to feel more confident about their looks as well.

Overbite Treatment Springfield VA

An overbite is sometimes caused by a growth difference between the lower and upper jaws. In most cases, it’s the lower jaw which grows the least and the bottom teeth react to this situation through growing until they meet something, usually the top teeth, but they can also grow up to your top gums that in turn causes what you call an overbite.

This problem can be addressed in various ways depending on its severity and other issues you might have. Surgery often only takes place in severe cases, as it can be the easiest and fastest way to make alternations that would take years or even impossible to do if normal equipment is used. Retainers and braces are also used to treat over

bites, but it’s a long process that most people complain about being uncomfortable, unhygienic and painful. However, they do give the desired results. If you are already self-conscious and you don’t want to spend a long time straightening your teeth, you have another option. Aligners like Invisalign are invisible to the eye as they are clear plastic trays which are fitted especially to the teeth as well as their movement needs. This option is easier to clean as well as eat with since they can be removed.

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