Orthodontics Female Case

Palate-Expander-female caseOrthodontics includes controlling and treating different aspects of facial growth and the development and shape of the jaw. It’s a branch of dentistry specializing in treating patients who suffer from improper teeth positioning when the mouth is closed, which leads to an improper bite.

Orthodontics Springfield VA

Orthodontists use various medical dental devices such as plates, braces and headgears to help close wide gaps between one’s teeth, make sure that the tips of teeth are properly aligned, straighten crooked teeth, improve eating or speech, prevent long-term trauma or excessive wear of the teeth, improve the long-term health of teeth and gums and treat an improper bite. It also involves cosmetic dentistry when the patient wants to improve his or her appearance. If you are interested in orthodontics female case, you have to know what it consists of.

Orthodontics Female Case is just one of the many options you have if you are suffering from improper teeth positioning. Looking for a qualified orthodontist who will do the job is also necessary as this will help you make sure that it will be done properly.

This is a typical case of crowding. A palatal expander was used to create sufficient space in the mouth for the permanent teeth to fit properly. Braces were worn for approximately 15 months and retainers for another 3 years. This may take some time to complete, but the results are worth it. After the treatment, you will see great improvement in your teeth’s condition that will not just enhance your overall oral function, but your appearance as well.

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