Orthodontic Closing Gaps

ortho_gapLots of people with Diastema feel extremely comfortable with it and don’t look for a method to correct it. Even some popular actors haven’t treated their gapped teeth as they consider it as a part of their character. Some also believe that it makes them appear sexy.

Cosmetic Orthodontic Closing Gaps Treatment

If you think that this condition has a negative effect in your look, there are different cosmetic dentistry treatments available to correct it. The most common options for closing gaps include:

Orthodontic treatment – Orthodontists can close the gap between your teeth through using dental braces by vaguely moving the gapped teeth closer to each other. For a huge diastema, several teeth need to be moved to the area of the gap in order to achieve equal gaps between your front teeth. Orthodontic treatment gives permanent results, though it may take some time to complete.

Prosthetic dentistry – In case the condition is created due to missing teeth, the most suitable treatments include partial denture, dental implants and bridge.

Dental veneers or bonding – Cosmetic dentists are capable of closing a diastema by making your teeth adjacent to the gap so that it will look wider. It’s done by putting porcelain veneers or composite material on the teeth’s front surface.

When closing gaps (diastema), differing amounts of movement of the two teeth is often needed. In this appliance, coil springs are placed to the side of each tooth. An arch wire acts as a guide and keeps the teeth from tipping as the space is closed

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