Gum Lift

In the world of Periodontics, a gum lift may be performed to create a more even gum line. Patients with a gummy smile can quickly and safely have unwanted tissue removed, thus exposing more teeth to shape a more attractive smile.

Gum Lift Treatment

Gums are reshaped for a pleasing and less gummy smile through the procedure called Gingivectomy or in other more common term gum lift. Some of the reasons that people have gum lift including not having the gum to recede after the permanent teeth had broken through the gum line. Another reason is that they show gummy smiles due to their lips, which expose a lot of their gum line.

Years back, gum lift was an agonizing dentistry treatment that involves the cutting of some gum tissues and numerous stitches that may take weeks to heal and to recover. Now, gum lift can be done through lasers with minimal recovery duration wherein compared to the dentistry treatment that may take weeks of recovery. Painkillers are only required for only a day or in other cases two days after the procedure. Patients can normally and comfortably eat and drink in a day of recovery.

Like other dental procedures and surgeries, a local anesthetic is injected into the gum area where the gum tissues are to be cut and be reshaped for an even appeal and a less gummy smile. Lasers are used in the operation to seal blood vessels to minimize bleeding which makes the procedure easy and quick. The need for the gum to be raised or lowered depends on the need of the patient.

After the operation, patients who undergo gum lifts are always advised to practice healthy oral hygiene to prevent the occurrence of infection.

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