Flap Surgery

Flap SurgeryIf gum disease is severe and antibiotics or root scaling and planing could not cure it anymore then flap surgery would most likely be needed.

Flap Surgery Springfield VA

When deep pockets between teeth and gums (6 millimeters or deeper) are present, it is difficult for a dentist to thoroughly remove the plaque and tartar. Flap surgery is a procedure where the gum flap is lifted away from the tooth. Diseased tissue and sometimes bone is removed. The rough surfaces of the tooth are then smoothed by root planing. The area is medicated and the gum flap is replaced and sutured allowing the bone and gum tissue to heal.

One of the goals of flap surgery is to reduce the depth of the periodontal pockets to make them easier to keep clean. The section of the gum that is concerned is pulled back so that the root of the teeth can be cleaned and the damaged bones can be repaired. After the root of the teeth has been cleaned or the damaged bone been repaired, the gum flack is stitched back and is placed with gauze to make the bleeding stop.

After the flap surgery, fewer plaques could grow for the bone has been reshaped and smoothed. Flap surgery could help in preventing the occurrence of gum disease and can make the gums healthy and appear pinkish. Even with these benefits that flap surgery can give, it is always a good habit to make the mouth especially the gums clean and clear from bacteria that may cause harm.

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