Dental Implant Placement

There are actually two phases to implant dentistry.

Phase 1:Using very accurate surgical techniques, an incision is made in the gum tissues and implants are placed into dimensionally controlled sites (depth and width) in the jawbone.
First, the gum tissue is opened and the jawbone is tapped with a small drill and then drilled with a wider drill. The implant is inserted into place. The gum tissues are then closed and the healing phase begins. This may take anywhere from 3-6 months to ensure a strong base.

Phase 2: An abutment is secured to the top of the implant placing a new tooth crown onto the implant abutment. Implants can replace a single tooth, several teeth or your dentures.
For full arch dental implant procedures, there are two kinds or conventional implant choices one can avail of. These include dental implant with overdentures and a dental implant with associated dental bridges.

Most of the procedures for dental implant surgery are performed within clean and conducive environment such as in hospital and dentist’s office. When placing an implant, local anesthesia is often administered for sedation. Adjunctive surgical methods like bone augmentation may be performed by orthodontists at the same time as the implant placement or separate from it. Each implant’s surgical procedure is known to be different depending on the patient’s preferences and clinical situation as well on the surgeon or practitioner. To date, dental implant placement is not just performed by periodontists as oral surgeons. General dentists are now giving complex surgical implant services to patients.