Advanced Periodontitis

Periodontitis occur in different stages and the final stage of a gum disease is referred to as advanced periodontitis. This normally occurs when treatments failed or no more treatments are taken at all. When gum disease reaches this stage the bones and fibers surrounding the teeth are destroyed. Advanced Periodontitis can cause severe problems characterized by loose teeth. The teeth also tend to shift inside the mouth.

Advanced Periodontitis Springfield VA

With severe periodontitis, a radical amount of gum tissue and bone tissue is lost. Usually, teeth lose more support as the disease continues to destroy the periodontal ligament and bone. Teeth become loose and may even need to be extracted. This causes difficulties in normal everyday chewing and biting habits. If advanced periodontal disease is left untreated, patients run the risk of other serious health problem.

Practicing oral hygiene is the most effective means of combating this advanced condition. Daily brushing and flossing, regular checks ups and professional teeth cleaning are also advised if you do not want your oral health be compromised. Those individuals with gingivitis are likely to experience advanced periodontitis that is why it is essential to take the necessary precaution and prevention.

There are various treatments available these days to help sufferers find relief. For severe cases, surgeries are sometimes conducted by dental experts. Surgeries also serve as better resort in case the gums are severely affected. Advanced periodontitis can be dealt upon with the assistance of medical professionals and with the aid of advanced treatments.

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