Wisdom Tooth Development

wisdom teethThe very last teeth that develops inside the mouth are the third molars or in most familiar and common term wisdom teeth.

Wisdom teeth generally begin to form in your pre-teen years. By late teen years, the crown of the wisdom teeth will begin to erupt through the gums if there is adequate room. Wisdom tooth development usually takes place during early twenties, which commonly affect other teeth as they develop, becoming impacted. Early removal of wisdom teeth makes the procedure easier for the patient to tolerate and promotes faster healing afterwards. By your early forties, the wisdom teeth roots have become fully anchored to the jawbone and if required to be extracted, will be much harder and will need more time to heal.

Wisdom teeth can also be problematic if they are not removed especially when they are impacted wherein some cases may cause pain and jaw stiffness. One of the reasons why the wisdom teeth needs to be removed is that is causes irritation and pain that is due to the rubbing of the awkwardly angled wisdom teeth to the tongue, cheeks and the upper or lower mouth. Another is that it causes teeth to be crowded. Tooth and gum decay can also be a problem with impacted wisdom teeth for it may not be properly cleaned due to the gum flap that is still covering the teeth and also it can be due to the crowding of the teeth inside the mouth. Probably the worst reason why the wisdom teeth should be removed is that cysts and tumors may occur around the impacted wisdom teeth which is a very dangerous case concerning having impacted wisdom teeth.

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