Types of Fillings

tooth_colored_fillingsCavity is one of the most common cases in dental problems. It is a situation where a portion on the tooth is decaying. The best procedure for this type of problem is through tooth filling. In treating this dental problem the decayed area will first be removed and cleaned. Then right after is the filling procedure where you can choose different types of filling.

Four Different Choices for Tooth Filling

There are four different choices that you have when it comes to filling a cavity.

1. Composite Fillings – Natural tooth colored filling, bonds to the tooth to provide added security. It requires less drilling and the color can match your teeth. This can be done and completed in just one visit to the dentist.

2. Silver Fillings – Inexpensive and strong amalgam based filling. This is good in withstanding strong forces from chewing and biting. It can be done in just one appointment with your dentist. During the filling process this are less sensitive. This can be a good alternative for dental problem and it is inexpensive.

3. Gold Fillings – More attractive than silver and provide for a better fit. This includes a two session with your dentist. It can be costly due to the high price of gold and the color cannot be matched with your teeth.

4. Porcelain Fillings – Also called inlays; the most attractive and durable of the tooth colored choices. This can match the color of your teeth and it is good in resisting stains.

These are the different types of tooth fillings that can be filled in your teeth. Each contains a good benefit and it depends on you what will you prefer.

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