Tooth Colored Fillings

Most individuals today are choosing the composite fillings as a modern filling option. They have been created to serve as a perfect match to the natural color of the teeth. In this way, your tooth will be virtually invisible to get noticed. They are also placed to the tooth through bonding the material for filling the tooth. Most patients prefer replacing their old gold or silver fillings with these tooth colored fillings.

There are various obvious benefits derived from tooth colored fillings. They can be matched to different tooth colors unlike the metal fillings that are usually made of silver amalgams. Tooth colored fillings can reduce sensitivity because of the composite resin present in them.

Tooth Colored Filling Benefits:

  • Beautiful in appearance
  • Completed in a single visit
  • No filling leaks
  • Less chance of tooth cracking

The typical tooth-colored fillings have been composed of durable plastics that are known as composite resin. Since they are more attractive, many people are encouraged to choose this dental treatment. In addition to the advantages, these colored fillings have been made compatible along with dental sealant. Your tooth may be sealed and filled to get rid of further decay.

When you already had this tooth colored filling, you have to know proper care is required in order to maintain its natural color and keep your teeth healthy. Taking good care of the tooth colored fillings is just the same with taking care of the silver filling. If you have an excellent oral hygiene, your tooth filling will surely last for a longer period of time. Make sure that there is a regular checkup of the fillings for leakage, color changes or any unusual wear.

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