Suction cup dentures

suction_dentureSuction cup dentures utilizes a series of tiny suction cups made from a soft silicone rubber that gently adheres to the oral tissue without irritation. This is a product of the innovative denture technology that is continuously moving forward.

Suction Cup dentures Springfield VA

The suction cup dentures can be used for maxillary and mandibular restorations and for patients with flat ridges. This can also be used in some patients who require tooth replacements. It is made to provide comfort for those individuals who have issues with the appropriate fitting of their denture.

Any existing denture can be easily converted to a suction cup denture, allowing you to obtain the best denture that will give you a perfect fit that you want. This is a perfect denture type that looks very promising. This great innovative products comes is also using an easy suction cup technology. This closely resembles to a denture reline, adding a layer of highly flexible resin to the old and traditional denture base in order to fill in all the open areas between the denture base and your gums. This is also providing an added grip and cushioning to make it more comfortable to use.

For those patients with flat ridges, the stability of their denture can really be a great challenge. Suction cup dentures is using a series of small cups which are made from soft silicone rubber for the comfort of the patient. With these innovative suction cup dentures, the retention of your denture is enhanced. If you have a problem with the perfect fit of your denture, then it is the best one for you.

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