Single Visit Whitening

Single visit tooth whitening makes use of special light to activate higher bleaching concentrations. Its main purpose is to come up with a more dramatic and quicker whitening results. The technician will protect your mouth by making use of cotton rolls, gauze and liquid dam to ensure the good condition of the teeth.

Single Visit Tooth Whitening Spingfield VA

The special lamp for teeth whitening is utilized for activating the teeth whitening gel for about sixty minutes. Single visit whitening has other names called such as in-office whitening or chairside whitening. And they both mean making the teeth whiter within an hour. This kind of dental treatment is getting more popular due to the fact that it can meet the contemporary demand of the society to obtain a quick solution for their cosmetic dental needs.

However, even if the results can be obtained instantly, you have to be informed regarding the advantages and disadvantages of using this form of treatment. Once you are able to understand it further, this dental solution can eventually improve your smile. The knowledge of the technicians or dentists has something to do with the overall outcome of improving your smile.

Dr. Peter Cocolis and associates offer single visit whitening to meet your dental needs most especially if you really need a quick fix solution. Bleaching systems completed for an hour have been the most practical choice for those who do not have enough time to make great changes to their teeth. Get a perfect smile with single visit teeth whitening.

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