Post-Surgery Instructions

after_extraction_careFold one piece of gauze (make sure that it is clean) into a thick pad that is sufficient for directly biting on the site of extraction. Exert a moderate pressure through closing your teeth firmly on the pad. Sustain the pressure within 30 minutes. Once the pad turns soaked, replace this with a brand new one if needed. Never suck on the site of extraction in the same way you do with straw. A small amount of blood can leak at this site until there is a formation of clot. But in case heavy bleeding persists, make sure that you contact your dentist right away. However, you need to know that plenty of saliva combined with little quantity of blood can seem like an excessive bleeding is taking place.

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Blood Clot
Following the extraction, blood clot can develop on the socket of the tooth. This clot is an integral aspect of the typical process of healing. You have to stay away from any activities that can get the clot disturbed.

Protection Tips

  • Never rinse vigorously, never smoke and never drink using a straw within a period of 24 hours. Activities like these can create a suction in your mouth, causing the dislodging of the clot and delaying the healing.
  • After the extracting, avoid cleaning the other teeth close to the healing socket. However, you still need to thoroughly floss and brush your teeth then wash your mouth gently afterwards.
  • Limit your strenuous activities within 24 hours following the extraction. It can help in lessening the bleeding and pave the way for the formation of blood clot. Make sure that you also get lots of rest.
  • If sutures occur, your dentist is going to tell you when you have to come back so that these can be removed.

Medications for controlling pain and preventing infection can be prescribed by your dentist. Use it just as directed. In case the prescribed medication failed to work in your case, never increase the recommended dosage. Contact your dentist right away if you suffer from severe or prolonged pain, bleeding, swelling or fever.

Pain and Swelling
After the removal of tooth, swelling and discomfort can start to develop. You can lessen the pain and swelling through applying some cold compresses on your face. A cold most cloth or ice bag can be applied periodically. Ice needs to be just for the initial day only. Heat should be applied the next day if required. See to it that you adhere to the instructions of your doctor.

Following the tooth extraction, eat soft and nutritious foods and drink plenty of liquids. Stay away from hot liquids and alcoholic beverages. You can typically start eating more solid foods the following day or soon as you feel comfortable enough in chewing. Within two days, try chewing your food on the opposite side of the site of extraction. If you have troubles with vomiting and nausea, contact your dentist to ask for advice.

One day after the tooth has been extracted, rinse your mouth gently using an 8 ounce glass of warm water with one tsp of salt dissolved in it. Rinsing after eating is a must so that the food particles will be kept away from the site of extraction. Avoid rinsing vigorously.

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