Post And Crown

A dental crown is needed in order to protect teeth from being damaged and breakage. It is a type of the cosmetic dentistry. If you recently have root treatment or root therapy or even if you have large filling then, dental crowns are needed in order to strengthen your teeth and make it durable. A post is needed in order to support the dental crowns in place.

Dental Crowns Springfield VA

Dental crowns are laboratory made and are highly durable. These crowns are made from different materials like porcelain bonded into metal, all porcelain or metal alloy. In addition to that, dental crowns can be made out from gold. Post and crowns are being used for broken teeth. If the original tooth is damaged and if there’s little left from the original tooth, it is sometimes recommended to insert post in that root canal and then cement the post in place before the dentist will fit the crown.

A post and crown is used when there is not enough tooth structure left for retention after your root canal procedure to support a crown, a post will be placed upon the tooth root. Then a crown buildup will be made around the post. After that, a crown will be placed on the buildup.

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