An overdentures fits on top of the teeth or dental implants. Many patients suffer with poorly fitting and loose dentures that move or even fall out when speaking or eating. This is actually one of the most common problems that most people with denture are experiencing.

Overdentures Treatment Springfield VA

One way of solving this problem is to construct a dental plate that goes over and attaches to something underneath it. Keeping a few natural teeth or placing dental implants in the bone under the denture also helps keep the jaw bone healthy. This avoids much of the natural jaw bone loss often seen after teeth are removed. Traditional overdentures go over the natural teeth. A denture can be made that goes over and attaches to one or both cuspids.

There are also various advantages of obtaining a tooth implant overdentures. Unlike braces, tooth implants do not alter any of your neighboring teeth. Implants can stand alone even without necessarily affecting any of your teeth that is situated beside it. Another notable advantage of getting tooth implant overdentures is that is very reliable. It also has a higher success rate than bridges.

Implant supported overdentures fit on top of dental implants. A retainer bar or retention balls are placed on the implants and special attachments are inserted into the denture to grab onto these retention devices. A new method using mini implant dentures is becoming increasingly popular. Mini implants are very thin long titanium implants that screw into the jaw bone. They can be placed and old dentures can often be retrofitted to the implant.

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