Multiple Tooth Implants

Multiple tooth implants may be placed if you need to permanently replace an extracted or lost tooth. Titanium implant bases are placed into the jawbone to replace the job of the tooth roots. We allow a period of time to allow for the jawbone to heal over the bases before fitting for a crown. Next, abutments are screwed into the bases of the implants to allow crowns to be attached. Finally, custom fabricated crowns are placed over the abutments and will function like a real tooth.

Dental Implant Springfield VA

Multiple tooth implants are often done to replace several gaps of teeth. For those who have missing gaps together, availing dental tooth implants with bridge could be a good option. This implant bridge usually comprises crowns placed on dental tooth implant together with pontic crowns. Pontic crowns are usually used in forming dental bridge as they are usually attached together with the anchor crowns on the tooth implants.

For those who are trying to replace multiple teeth in the far back of their mouth, multiple dental tooth implants with fixed bridges that are anchored on the dental implant could be a great alternative. This can help in replacing your lost teeth back which can basically give you a new, incomparable strength as well as stability. For this reason, you can eat whatever you want without worrying of losing your teeth. Multiple dental tooth implants can also help you preserve your jawbone as well as help you achieve younger looking appearance. Also, this type of dental implant is known to bring positive results to patients.

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