Laser Assisted Root Canal Therapy

The nerves and blood vessels in the root canals of a tooth are called the pulp. When bacteria or decay affect the pulp, Root Canal Therapy may be necessary. Root Canal Therapy cleanses the damaged area and restores the tooth. We remove infected pulp, clean the root canal space, and then fill the space with special, medicated filling materials. You receive a fully functional tooth that can last a lifetime.

Root Canal Therapy

Improvement on the traditional method uses the dental laser to thoroughly clean the root canal space. The energy from the laser penetrates the small tubules of the root canal much more profoundly than traditional methods, ensuring better cleaning and a more complete removal of bacteria.
Laser dental is largely automated and is now much faster. With the use of Laser assisted root canal therapy, the procedure could only last for a couple of hours and it can be handled in less time compared to other procedure. It is touted to be one among the current and latest innovation.

There are actually different symptoms that indicate if there is an infection of pulp located inside the tooth.
– Gums swelling
– Bad taste inside the mouth
– Pain during biting
– Extreme sensitivity with cold or hot drink or food
– Severe pain and persistent throbbing

In some cases, there is no symptom. This is the reason why dentists are recommending regular checkups in order to ascertain your teeth has no infection at all. Laser assisted root canal therapy can greatly help in treating infections and saving damaged tooth.

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