If a patient has an excess amount of tissue that connects the lower and upper lips to the jaw and gum line, a Frenectomy procedure is performed to remove the excess tissue.

Frenectomy Springfield VA

The frenum in the mouth attaches two tissues that in some abnormal cases hinders its normal function and can be removed through the process of labial frenectomy. The abnormality in the labial frenum and maxillary frenum may cause you to be uncomfortable that is why labial frenectomy is advised to correct these abnormalities.

The Lingual frenum connects the tongue to the base of the mouth but in some unusual cases, the frenum runs up to the tip of the tongue, which mainly causes people with this condition to have a hard time communicating, or they get tongue-tied. Labial frenectomy is the most advised treatment to correct this abnormal condition, which hinders effective communication. The upper band of tissue on the gums above the two front upper teeth, which is known to be the Maximillary Labial frenum, is connected to the upper lip. Abnormality in the maxillary labial frenum can create a large gap between the two front upper teeth. Although having a gap between the two front teeth can be closed by fixating braces on the upper set of teeth; labial frenectomy is advised only if the cause of the large gap is the maxillary labial frenum.

Generally, the procedure of having a labial frenectomy is only advised when the frenum causes hindrance in the normal function of either the labial frenum and the labial maxillary frenum or pain. Labial frenectomy is considered if the labial frenum causes when there is a difficulty in speaking, eating and swallowing.

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