Flexible Partial Dentures

Flexible partial dentures are very comfortable. They are made from the latest technology in thermoplastic resins. It is primarily designed in order to preserve the composition and the remaining teeth of your mouth. Flexible partial dentures have also been a perfect option for many patients because these do not have any hard metal, making it more comfortable to wear.

Flexible Partial Dentures Springfield VA

Depending upon your condition, flexible partials may be all thermoplastic or they may be combined with Vitallium biocompatible metal for increased strength. It is fifty percent made of rubber-based material and fifty percent acrylic, making it sturdy and comfortable to use. It is made with strong and comfortable materials to have a strong fit on your gums. There are beautiful, affordable and beautiful choices for those who want to have the confidence to smile again.

Partial dentures are actually made to replace multiple or single teeth. Since partial dentures are commonly used when there are still present teeth, these are mostly used in cases of those younger people who may suffer from gum disease or some injury. These flexible partial dentures can also be attached to your teeth with crowns or clasps.

Furthermore, flexible partial dentures are often providing a perfect solution for those individuals who cannot wear normal dentures due to some irregularities in their mouth shape. It is also providing a perfect solution for those who are not really comfortable about wearing some types of dentures. This tends to fit in a person’s mouth better than some other dentures and it also requires a few adjustments from your dentist.

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