E4D Crown Milling

E4DdentistUsing the E4D Dental Technology System we can restore teeth with a ceramic/porcelain crown in one appointment. Our patients do not need to wear a temporary crown and then return for a second visit. E4D Dentist scans both soft tissue and tooth structure and creates a digital picture to build the crown. We bring a new way of helping people regarding their dental problems. In a fast and effective way you can achieve the perfect teeth and smile that you want.

Our E4D Crown Milling System

The E4D milling system in our office takes just minutes to fabricate a high strength ceramic or composite crown restoration from the computerized crown design. With this latest technology in dental system it is much reliable and efficient in making crowns. They provide a precise and accurate image that can perfectly fit your damaged tooth. This is a more convenient way in having crowns in a fast and easy way. All the patient has to do is to relax and be comfortable. With the use of laser there is no need any more for dental impression.

In just minutes your crown can be made in an effortless manner. Polishing or staining and glazing provide the ultimate in finishing restorative and esthetic care for your crown. This is a good maintenance for your crown to have a long lasting effect that can last for years.

We use the latest in technology and equipment to make your visits and dental care as quick and comfortable as possible. With this you can have and experience a new trend for your dental care.

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