Dental Implant Benefits

Dental Implant benefits:
o Eliminates the need to “cut down” the neighboring teeth to make a bridge.
o Maintains the jawbone structure.
o Feels and functions like natural teeth
o Does not rely on other teeth for support
o Replaces partial plat
o Guarantee good smile and chew with confidence
o Improve the appearance
o Improved one’s comfort as well as speech
o Improved self-esteem
o Maintain a healthy adjacent dentures
o Guarantee a long term result
o Helps preserve the jaw bone
o The adjacent teeth will not be compromised in replacing the missing teeth

Reasons denture wearers want implants:
o They miss eating their favorite foods
o They are tired of worrying whether their teeth will pop out
o They are sick and tired of adhesives
o They want to appear younger and have better facial structure
o They want more functional teeth
o They want the self-confidence from knowing their teeth are secure
o They want to preserve their jawbone from further shrinkage
o They are tired of being self-conscious
o They are sick of worrying about losing their teeth inappropriate moment
o They are not comfortable wearing dental bridges or removable dentures
o They want to restore their younger appearance and appears confident with their smile
o They are afraid of being noticed and demeaned due to uneven teeth and other dental issues
o They want to have a convenient oral hygiene.
o They want to enhance their quality of life through replacing their teeth that feels and look line natural.