teeth whitening dentist springfield vaBonding is considered as one of the least expensive and easiest cosmetic dental procedures. It makes use of composite resin, which can be polished and shaped to perfectly match the teeth. In most cases, bonding has been utilized for various cosmetic purposes.

Teeth Bonding Procedure

Primarily, it is used for enhancement of chipped or discolored appearance of the tooth. It is also used for closing the spaces between the teeth or to make some changes to the color or shape of the teeth. In some circumstances, bonding is used to serve as amalgam filling cosmetic alternatives. Others use it for protection of the tooth root portion, which had been exposed whenever gums recede.

There is no preparation required for bonding since anesthesia is typically not needed unless bonding is used for filling any decayed tooth. The dentist makes use of shade guide in order to choose the color of the composite resin that matches to the tooth color most closely. Once the dentist picked the appropriate color, he will etch or slightly abrade the tooth surface to make it rough.

After preparation of the tooth, the dentist will proceed to the application of the putty-like and tooth-colored resin. This reason has been smoothened and molded until the right shape is obtained. The material will be hardened through a laser or ultraviolet light. Once the bonding material gets hard, the dentist will shape it. He will be polishing this material to match it with the rest of tooth surfaces. It takes thirty minutes up to one hour to accomplish this procedure. If there is more than 1 tooth to be done, the he may schedule more than one visit.

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