Bonded Bridge

Bonded bridge can be the answer in having a perfect smile. Replacing your tooth can now be done in a fast and effective way. This type of procedure can consume less time and money. There will be no more worries in fixing dental problems.

Bonded Bridge Treatment Springfield VA

With the latest technology today fixing teeth damages can be effortless. The bonded bridge is the most effective way of replacing tooth without damaging other areas of the teeth. Having this can help the teeth to be stabilized where it is fastened. No drilling needed and other preparation it’s as simple as that. It is a hassle free procedure and you can have your great smile back in just a few days.

When you come into our Springfield, VA office and talk to Dr. Cocolis, he may feel that your best option to replace a single lost tooth is a bonded bridge. A bonded bridge consists of two parts. The first is a false tooth, called a pontic, and the second are ‘wings’ that support the pontic. The entire structure spans the space vacated by the missing tooth giving you a natural looking replacement without damaging surrounding teeth. Neighboring tooth structures is allowed to remain the same and the wings of the bonded tooth are attached behind the neighboring teeth.

So don’t put off that dentist appointment one more day. Pick up the phone and call Dr. Cocolis at (703) 912-3800 and setup an appointment to replace that missing tooth today. You will be so glad you did.

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