What is Apicoectomy? Well, it is a root end surgical procedure that is generally carried out to treat and save teeth. It is an endodontic procedure intended to treat infections that remain in bones due to post surgery. This procedure is typically performed by oral surgeons or endodontists. The surgeon will do some small incision on the gums around the affected tooth to remove infected tissues and after that sterilize the affected area.

Apicoectomy Treatment

Sometimes, small filling is placed in order to cover the root canal of the tooth. Though apicoectomies are not common procedures nut it actually boast excellent success rate. In few root canal surgeries and procedures, within 3 days tooth may become painful and also the surrounding part of gum may even swell and tender. This is a complication caused by different bacterial toxins that is being released to the jaw from dying bacteria. An antibiotic is needed to temporarily treat this problem. But usually, patients will feel little and even no pain at all after the root canal surgery.

Sometimes the infection persists even after root canal therapy. In these cases, an apicoectomy, or root end resection can be performed to remove diseased tissue.

1) An incision is made to allow access to the base of the tooth. The inflamed or infected pulp is treated and the canals are carefully cleaned and shaped.
2) A small filling may be placed in the remaining tip of the tooth to seal the root canal. The gum tissue is stitched back into place.
3) A crown is placed to protect the tooth.

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